Photo 24 May Due to weather conditions, the route for stage 20 has been modified. Here is the new route. 
Also due to snow on the stage route of stage 19 it has unfortunately been cancelled ! :( 

Due to weather conditions, the route for stage 20 has been modified. Here is the new route. 

Also due to snow on the stage route of stage 19 it has unfortunately been cancelled ! :( 

Text 24 May Meta Post
  • U3097771- Emily Hunt
  • Networked Media Production
  • assessment 2 


For our assignment we were given a brief which asked us to create a blog, with the topic of our choice in the hope to connect and attract with other social networks with similar interests. We could design our own layout however we wished, though were told we had to update regularly. 

The topic of choice for my blog was very obvious to me as its something that i do on a regular basses and have done so since i was very young. I decided i wouldn’t just base this blog about my cycling life and i would include other races and events from around the world as well. i also didn’t just want to post text, as i felt that it wouldn’t allow the viewers to see and feel apart of the atmosphere. So i decided to use photos and videos as well as text to display the events. 

The concept behind my colour choices for my blog was influenced from my cycling team ‘Seight Custom Clothing’. I wanted to include my team colours as this blog is also about myself and felt that adding this made it different and individual from other cycling blogs (which I’ve searched, there are a lot!) and also i knew that my sponsor would be pleased with me for getting his name and colours out there (bonus points for me ;P). I chose the layout Munich by Prshnth as i liked how simple and easy it is to distinguish between posts by placing each post one after the other which makes the page look less cluttered. 

When creating my blog i didn’t really come across many difficulties other than finding photos or videos from events around the world, as i am unable to be there myself and capture my own collection. To help i often referred to the Cycling Central web site as they are a very well known and trusted site and found it very helpful when collecting my information. 

I also created posters and business cards to help promote my blog and handed them out to friends and family and asked if they could pass some on to people they knew as well. I also posted my poster up on my Facebook page and twitter so therefore my blog could be promoted and seen by wider audience. 

I really enjoyed creating and running a blog of my own as i have seen others do so and have always wanted to myself. 

Along with this blog i also updated a little on my twitter - 

and also on my Facebook - 

Video 24 May

Giro d’Italia Highlights - Stage 18

A time trial stage.

Having 58 seconds over everyone, Vincenzo Nibali takes another stage win, keeping the pink on his back.  

Video 22 May 1 note

Giro d’Italia Highlights - Stage 17

Breaking early, holding it and won with a 19 second gap. An absolutely amazing stage win for Giovanni Visconti. 

Video 22 May 1 note

Giro d’Italia Highlights - Stage 16

Benat Intxausti, Tanel Kangert and prezemyslaw Niemiec play cat and mouse with one kilometre to go. Timing it perfectly, Benat moves wide to take the win of the 16th stage of the 96th Giro d’Italia.

Video 19 May 1 note

Giro d’Italia Stage 14

What an amazing up hill battle to the finish! With Mauro Santambrogio taking the win. 

Text 19 May 1 note Giro d’Italia Stage 13 results
  1. Mark Cavendish 
  2. Giacomo Nizzolo
  3. Luka Mezgec
  4. Brett Lancaster
  5. Elia Viviani
  6. Manuel Belletti
  7. Daniele Bennati
  8. Filippo Pozzato 
  9. Anthony Roux 
  10. Miguel Angel Rubiano Chavez 

Overall Standings : 

  1. Vincenzo Nibali
  2. Cadel Evans
  3. Rigoberto Uran Uran 
  4. Robert Gesink
  5. Michele Scarponi
  6. Mauro Santambrogio
  7. Przemyslaw Niemiec
  8. Benat Intxausti Elorriaga
  9. Domenico Pozzovivo
  10. Rafal Majka
Text 19 May Giro d’Italia Stage 12 results
  1. Mark Cavendish
  2. Nacer Bouhanni
  3. Luka Mezgec
  4. Giacomo Nizzolo
  5. Brett Lancaster
  6. Manuel Belletti
  7. Roberto Ferrari 
  8. Sacha Modolo
  9. Iannis Tamouridis
  10. Francisco J. Ventoso Alberdi
Video 19 May 2 notes

Stage 11 Giro break hits the deck

The breakaway on Stage 11 of the Giro d’Italia fell one-by-one on a slick high speed corner.

Video 15 May

Giro d’Italia Highlights - Stage 10

Team Sky’s Rogoberto Uran won the 10th stage of the Giro d’Italia. Cadel Evans is second overall, and only 41 seconds behind race leader Vincenzo Nibali. 

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